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Nova Erupts in Sagittarius



April 21, 2012: The discovery of a possible nova in Sagittarius was posted on the IAU CBAT Transient Object Confirmation Page (TOCP, http://www.cbat.eps.harvard.edu/unconf/tocp.html). It was discovered by Stanislav Korotkiy (Ka-Dar Observatory, Barybino, Russia) and Kirill Sokolovsky (Astro Space Center, Lebedev Physics Institute/Sternberg Astronomical Institute, Moscow State University) on 2012 Apr 21.01123 UT at unfiltered magnitude 9.6 +/0.3 on three unfiltered CCD images (limiting magnitude ~14.0). Nothing was visible down to 14.0 on images obtained on 2012 April 17.99 UT. No correlated object was found using MPChecker, AAVSO VSX, and SIMBAD.

Well, Nova are very, very rare, so this is kinda cool.   It has a lot of people ‘worried’ as it may be related to the happenings at the Galactic center.   I thought I should at least check it out.

Here is a sky map of the area: (upside down relative to the picture above, since I am living in Australia).


While it is in the general area of the center of the galaxy, it is not at the center.  This will be well worth watching over the coming months to see if it gets much brighter.   I expected this area to become active (see Watch this Space 1-7), but I am not sure this is directly connected quite yet.

If this is a Nova, we should (have already) received a huge Gamma ray burst.  We have not.   That leads to the next post:  Neutrinos, Gamma Ray bursts, and what went wrong with our model!