Canary in a coal mine

We will attempt to look at this scenario from our location (Earth for most readers), back towards a potential oncoming event to see if there can be any possibility of foreseeing this as an actual future event, using nothing up our sleeve but current science.  Our canary in our coal mine will be gravity and magnetism.


About Gravity and Gravity waves

Here is the thing about gravity.  We don’t know what it is, what really causes it, how it actually works.  We know how to describe it and predict its behaviour (to a point) ever since Sir Isaac Newton had that apple fall on his head.  Einstein did not know either. but had some ideas.  General Relativity describes it as a distortion in space/time that tells us mass creates a deflection in the space/time continuum that warps it in such a way as to influence the motion of another mass. aka gravity.  But he still did not tell us HOW it does it.  Relativity predicts a lot of things and all of them so far have proven to be true, measurable, and matching original predictions.  All except  one.  The existence of gravity waves.   His predication was that if you move a massive object, at high speed, thru space/time it would propagate ‘waves’ of gravity.  No such wave has ever been seen let alone let us know its behaviour on astrological bodies nearby.  For our continued discussion, we will assume gravity waves exist.

Here is another thing about gravity.  It appears to work instantaneously across any distance, is the weakest of forces and is very, very weak over distance.  Yet it transcends space and time.  It is not like there are ‘gravitons’, some as yet unknown particles exchanged between two masses that bind them together using some sort of quantum tractor beam! (quantum gravity theory says there is, but no proof).  It is as if each bit of matter were PHYSICALLY connected to all other matter.  Think of it as a spring that is attached to a mass (like a ball or something) at both ends.   Only this spring works in reverse of a normal spring.  In a normal spring, the farther apart you pull them, the spring would pull  harder to bring them back.  The closer they got, the less the spring would pull.  Gravity is like that, only in reverse.  There is no ‘tractor beam’ of particles flowing between atoms pulling them towards one another.  This is my opinion (and others) and it is somewhat against most current models.

Now think of the Sun on one end of this spring and the Earth on the other.  We don’t go zipping right into the Sun like you would think because we are moving too fast in a direction AWAY from the Sun.  The two forces find equilibrium and this is called our orbit.  Earth trying to go one direction, Sun pulling us in another results in a circular path.   If the Sun were to instantly disappear, the Earth would in that exact instant shoot out into space!   However, from Earth itself, the Sun would still be there for 4 more minutes as though nothing had changed because it takes the light of the Sun that long to get here.  This scenario is acknowledged as true by all models, but it is couched in relativity saying that from our perspective it just seems that way, but in another relative point of view it happened at the speed of light.  Very strange, but the key point being that from where ever you are observing it from, gravity has infinite speed as it applies to you.

This is the Newtonian view as well, Einstein says otherwise, that gravity travels at the speed of light and the ‘proof’ is here. but their actual figure was 1.06 times the speed of light.  But they just ignore that.

Now, a gravity wave would be a disturbance in the ‘thing’ binding matter together in space/time.  For now we will call this the ‘spring’ but it is really space/time itself.  As a massive body is moving rapidly, say at relativistic speed, through space/time it would cause a wave in space/time (moving all the springs nearby) like a motorboat moving over a calm lake.

Here is a ‘related’ article (Physical Review Letters) about how newly formed black holes will emit gravity waves at special frequencies, so this is just another example:

Combining observations of X-ray flares with gravitational waves emitted by the neutron stars as they spiral together and merge could reveal the exact frequency at which the shattering occurs. This in turn could tell us more about neutron stars, such as the pressure in their interiors and whether they host strange quarks or other exotic stuff.
Temper your excitement, though. We haven’t actually detected a gravitational wave yet. Such a measurement will probably have to wait until at least 2015, when a powerful new gravitational-wave observatory called Advanced LIGO is scheduled to go into operation in the US.

These waves could travel at faster than light speed since gravity itself does as well, but would be limited in distance and probably return to light speed or slower as they propagate, dampening as they go, getting smaller and smaller over distance.  This is why they can’t find them, something would have to happen like this NEAR you to ever be observed.

For more information on gravity, see my good friend Russ Blake’s Quantum Spring Theory papers. (he is going to win a Nobel Prize someday, so say you saw it here first!).  Very readable, not rocket science.

If you would like to see a “Gravity Ray Gun’ (my description) paper that shows how to create a gravity repulsion wave, see:  (this is rocket science) This is the original discovery This is the ‘ray gun’


Working backwards

I wanted to work towards defining the PROBABILITY of a Super Wave in this section.  To do that we have started with some known facts at the Center of the Galaxy and worked outward, and now I will postulate a bit of information from our perspective backwards using the proposed gravity waves that may be preceding this event.

This working backwards approach is only meaningful if we accept that there is something manifesting here already, or at least nearby, that has somehow preceded the actual light of the event (and the event itself) by traveling faster than the speed of light for at least part of its journey.  Since we are talking about an arrival date 1 year from now, then this preceding wave is 1 light year ahead of the actual wave and would therefore be somehow evident today.

If you do not accept that premise, and there is no agreed to science that says you should, please continue reading as though this were only an abstract mental exercise and keep an open mind.

First, the numbers we are talking about are HUGE, trillions and trillions, so making them smaller lets us deal with them more easily.  We will use AU measurements.

1 Astronomical Unit (AU) = approx. 93 millions miles The distance of the Earth to the Sun.

Light travels: approx. 6 trillion miles in one year.  We could also say this number is 63,203 AU

We need to work backwards from some FUTURE date (prediction) to current time information. i.e. if the Super Wave were to arrive say December 21, 2012, where would it have to be today? (say December 21, 2011 to make things easy).

Lets look at a map of our neighbourhood.


This diagram gives us some idea of scale of our VERY local area of the Galaxy.

Given our timeframes, that would put the wave at somewhere between 104 AU to  105 AU distant in the above scale diagram.

104 AU  = approx. 10,000 AU and 105 AU = approx. 100,000 AU, and as stated above, 1 Light year is 63, 203 AU.   Please note that the scale above is LOGRITHMIC and not LINEAR.  Each marker is actually 10 times larger than the one that precedes it.  This type of scale just makes it easier to visualize.

As stated earlier, based on previous observations, we MAY be able to say that the MAIN gravimetric wave precedes this wave by about 44 hours.  This is 318 AU and on this scale and at its current position on this scale it is meaningless.  However, move forward in time when the gravimetric wave hit the Heliopause.  That is 102 AU distant from us (100 AU or about .58 light days away).  So, whatever we SEE (important) happening at the Heliopause is in facat a half a day earlier in the past.

At this scale there is still NO WAY to identify any precursors or predictors that this is (has) going to occur other than the extrapolations put forth in part 1-5.  But what if Dr. LaViolette’s statement that the wave can be 1000 times the speed of light at inception were true?  Perhaps, there are many preceding gravimetric waves (as discussed above) created.  Each some fraction of a light year in front of the main wave?  Let me be clear:  There is no science or observation that supports this, none.  We are way out on a limb.  This is PURE speculation used to further this exercise!  Understand that going forward and this should be fun!

Ok, if you believe we are ALREADY feeling the effects of these gravimetric wave(s) this is what would be happening:

  • You should be able to detect  Gravitational Waves or Gravitational anomalies that are happening NOW.  (We do not because we don’t have the instrumentation to do so, see below)
  • We would be seeing increasing seismic activity as each ripple passed us by.   What do you know, we are.  (all data directly from USGS.GOV)
    • They have generally been increasing (greater than magnitude 6.0).
      119 in 1980 to 205 in 2011, really starting in intensify in 1992
    • quakes by year
    • Or by just the really, really bad ones that kill people on a large scale
      Greater than 8.  Statistically significantly different after 1994.
    • quakes8
    • Or just the bad ones you don’t want to be anywhere near
      Greater then 7 but less than 8.  Starting in about 1990, things got worse, but have been really bad lately.  Just a note:  That dip at 2007, that is because all the major earthquakes in that year were 8 or more.
    • quakes7
    • And the aggregate of all 7 and above
      showing that since 1990 we have had an elevated number of earthquakes both in maximums and average with 2010 particularly bad, but 2011 was no picnic.  2012 has already started shaky.
    • quakeaggragate
  • We would be seeing this increase on all planets in the Solar System.  They should be relatively timed to equivalent to activity on earth.
  • We should see some sort of interaction/activity on the Sun (outside of normal cyclic activity).
    • I have no proof of this, and all current information shows the Sun following normal cyclical behaviour, although the current period of sun spot activity is predicted to be very intense.   Other than the weird comet stuff like comet LoveJoy that did not burn up and how it affected the corona (an actual impossibility, but there it is).  That again, is yet another story.
  • We should be able to see something interacting at the boundary of the Solar System (the Heliopause (see diagram above).  What do you know, we have 4 spacecraft out there specifically for this purpose: Voyager 1, Voyager 2, IBEX, and Cassini.
    • There is SO MUCH information here that it requires its own section

What the ever loving heck is happening at the edge of the Solar System !

Well it turns out, A LOT!  First, we must start with some basic facts.  What science told us our Solar system was like and what it turns out to be are completely different.  This is a very, very recent y discovery you may not be aware of.  Especially if you get your news from Fox.

Some terms before we get started:


Interstellar/Intergalactic Medium. This is the general term used to describe what you grew up with knowing as SPACE. Actually, there are two types of SPACE (bet you did not know that!).  The UNIVERSE has about 0.5 atoms/cubic centimetre anywhere you look at that seems “empty”.


Local Interstellar Medium (LISM).    The first type of space is the space found within our Heliosphere.  The protective bubble that exists around our Solar System.  It has gas and dust and a thing called the ‘solar wind’ and it is not empty at all.  On average, the solar wind is blowing out in all directions at about 250,000 to 1 million miles per hour and has a density of about 1 atom / cubic centimetre.  This makes our space TWICE as dense as ‘empty’ space.

Besides that, protons, neutrons and other particles of MASS pop, into and out of, existence everywhere, all the time even in space and right next to you as you read this (yet another story, yet proven to be true).  There is no ‘vacuum’.  Everything outside of this bubble, is the LISM.

So what is outside our safe little bubble?  Well, there are two things in our general area as shown in the diagram above.

Local Fluff or Local Intersteller Cloud.  This is the local gas cloud that we are traveling thru.  It is 6,000 degrees (temp of the surface of the Sun).  It has a very LOW density of 0.1 atoms / cubic centimetre.   Please note this little bit of weirdness:  It is FIVE TIMES less dense than ‘’empty” space.  Also, it should not be there.  It is a physical structure, less dense then the space around it.  It should dissipate into nothing and yet it does not!  This is because it is actually a gigantic magnetic field!

Local Bubble.  This is another gas cloud that the Local Fluff is in.  This one is 1,000,000 degrees.  It has an even LOWER density than either the Fluff or empty space.  it is TEN TIMES less dense at  0.05 atoms / cubic centimetre.  This thing is 300 light years across and comes from our friends in the Pleiades.

That means that we are in a ‘dense’ magnetic bubble, that is moving thru a HOT low density magnetic cloud, that is in an even HOTTER and even lower density magnetic cloud as we move thru the local area of the Galaxy.

Well we should probably know what our boundary looks like don’t you think?  So did some other people and we have 3 specific spacecraft to do just this: Voyager 1, Voyager 2, and IBEX.

If we want to see an earlier warnings, these are guys that will give it to us!


Interstellar Boundary Explorer – Launched 2008 – reports every 6 months

This little tin can was sent up to look for ENA.  This is Energetic Neutral Atoms.  This is any atom that does not have a charge and is moving fast.  This means that it can pass thru the Sun’s Magnetic Shield and would represent something that has entered our bubble from the outside.

They expected this:


They expected to see LOTS of ENA at the front end, very week at the tail end.  Expectations were that as we pushed thru the local fluff, these atoms would enter as we essentially ran over them. This is from the mission proposal powerpoint!

What they got instead:  A RIBBON on the edge of the solar system.


October 16, 2009

This is hard to visualize from this circular picture, but that ribbon actually represents the LINE of the Galactic plane as it intersects our protective bubble. (as seen from inside the bubble using projection).  So in reality that ribbon you see is actually a straight line.  This means that these atoms are coming at us from the direction of the Galactic Center and not from the from fluff we are running over.  Mystified by this, they backed it up with the only other satellite we had capable of seeing ENA and this was Cassini out at Saturn.  And sure enough, it sees it too.

Now another mysterious feature of the ENA being shown here is that they appear to be coming from far away.  At LEAST 200 AU (1.5 light days).  That means that they are being created by something out there in that direction. (Center of the Galaxy).


Here is a diagram showing relative position and direction. The red arrow is the NOSE or where the bow shock would be as we plod into the fluff.  The angled ribbon is exactly on the Galactic Plane, 90 degrees to our direction of travel and most energetic part is dead center pointed right at Sag A*.  Voyager 1 & 2 are above and below heading outwards.

It changed the view of the heliosphere from this;


Up until IBEX, science saw the solar system like the diagram above.  Moving thru space with the solar wind pushing things out and leaving a tail of dust/gas/atoms in our wake like a big comet.

What they now think:


The solar system (Heilopause) is actually a giant ball of magnetism, that has nothing really to do with solar wind at all.  Does not sound like much until you THINK about it.  In the previous model, we are actually losing mass over time as it is just spewed out into space and left it in our trail of pollution as it were.  But that is not the case in this picture.  The only atoms that will escape are those that have no CHARGE.  Almost ALL emissions from our Sun are charged (ions).   We retain all of our Sun’s matter, forever.  What?  We are a closed system?  YEP!! Nothing leaves but light and non-charged atoms (like chunks of rock and stuff).

See  Nassim Haramein video about his unified theory or the movie Thrive that actually say this exact thing.

So the original theory that a ‘wind’ comprised of 1 atom/cc would interact with space at a density of .1 atoms/cc and hold it at bay BY COLLISIONS (can’t be gravity or magnetism because atoms are too small!)  proved to be incorrect.  Imagine that. Who would have thought.

So the response from ‘Science’ to explain the ribbon is that it is a ‘reflection’.  This is because they CANNOT have this coming from an external source.  It would be too mind blowing, that is how big this is.  What they say is happening, now no laughing till I am finished is:

First these particles lose their charge and fly out of the heliosphere. At some distance they charge again and start “orbiting” a field line of the local interstellar magnetic field, where they get “recycled” by losing their charge again.  January 12, 2010.

This miracle says that the charged particles emitted by the Sun (in all directions mind you),  losing their charge before hitting the wall (as only non-charged particles can penetrate so they have to pick up an electron somewhere), being captured somewhere out in the fluff magnetism (by gaining a charge again, by now somehow losing this electron), and only those aligned with the Galactic plane, then losing that charge (again by somehow capturing yet another electron, from somewhere) and then only when pointed directly back at the sun, escaping the magnetism and then penetrating back thru the heliosphere as an ENA.  And bob’s your uncle.  No data supports this theory and any movement or changes in the ribbon would completely invalidate this claim.  If you believe this theory then you still get presents from Santa.

Another possibility is that these atoms are being ejected by some interaction between the Local Fluff and the Local Bubble boundary interaction.  This is indeed possible but this is MUCH farther away than 200 AU and no explanation for the specific location to the ribbon.

Or, maybe a gravity wave is attaching electrons to captured charged atoms in the bubble and/or fluff as it moves thru them (along the plane) and carries these atoms along with it until it hits our shell and are visible as ENA as the gravity wave moves thru the shell.  Nah, can’t be that.

This link shows examples of all current theories concerning the ribbons origins  July 12, 2011

Well all we need to do is wait for the next couple of updates, right?  Well after the initial 2 releases of information, the IBEX team has kind of gone silent.  The last update was September 30, 2010, over a year ago.  They have also modified it’s orbit to provide data every MONTH instead of every 6 months.  They are getting lots of info from this guy but not releasing much.

They did give us this in the last update:

The animation shows that the ribbon has indeed changed.  It is still there, but the MOTION of the ribbon looks like an unwinding spiral!!

“To this day the science team can’t agree on exactly what causes the knot or the ribbon, but by comparing different sky maps we find the surprising result that the region is changing over relatively short time periods. Now we have to figure out why.”   September 30, 2010

So much for reflection and I don’t think it helps boundary interaction either!  I think it looks like ripples from the leading edge of a rolling wave.  A spilling wave to those who surf, not a Sine wave.

What about Voyager 1 and 2?

Now here is a really, really interesting ramification of this discovery.  The SIZE of our protective bubble changes based on the outside pressure (again, nothing at all to do with the Solar Wind pressure itself).  In other words, it can get bigger and smaller depending on what is happening out there.  In fact, this outer bubble can and has been compressed all the way into Earth’s orbit in ancient history!!

Another canary type item is this Ribbon explanation:

Another possible mechanism for the production of the ribbon outside the HP involves the compression of the outer heliosheath plasma as the ISMF drapes around the HP. Compression increases the field strength, density, and perpendicular velocity of the ions (conservation of the first adiabatic invariant, μ) such that more of the ENAs created when these ions charge exchange are directed radially inward on lines of sight transverse to the draped field. These ENAs come from suprathermal LISM protons as well as secondary ENAs. Small-scale compressions might explain ribbon fine structure . These authors conclude that compression of the outer heliosheath plasma cannot be the primary mechanism responsible for the ribbon.

Voyager 1 hit termination shock on December 18, 2004 at 94 AU.  Now 120 AU from the Sun.   It is believed that it will leave the Solar System ‘at any time’.  This was not predicted to happen until 2015.  Since this probe is traveling at 3.6 AU / year, this would make the edge 12 AU closer than anticipated.

Voyager 2 hit termination shock on August 30, 2007 at 84 AU.  Now  98 AU from the Sun.  It is travelling at 3.2 AU/ year.

Which means the bubble is getting smaller (10 AU in 3 years), which means an increase of magnetic pressure within the Fluff, which some say could be contributing to the ribbon itself (see link above).

What could increase the magnetism in the Fluff ? Well a magnetic wave moving thru it at the speed of light might do it!

The outer limit of the bubble is not known, but my prediction is that when Voyager 1 hits it, it will be destroyed.

This is our canary.  Science can offer no more.  We don’t have any other technology that will help.


What are the odds that something is really happening ?

How probable is it that such a wave will be created? Lets do some ballpark estimates!

First, what is the probability of ‘something’ falling into the black hole? 0 – 100 % ANSWER: 100%

Will this interaction create an explosion? 0 – 100% ANSWER: 50-50. We will know more as the cloud gets closer. If it gets brighter, odds go up since this indicates more matter being affected.

If an explosion occurs, will it be strong enough to reach us way out here? 0 – 100 % ANSWER 100%

If it can reach out this far, will it hit us? 0 – 100% ANSWER (my best guess would by 10%). This would be because we are a tiny dot in a vast ocean. The problem is, everybody in this ocean lives on the same plane, the galactic plane. Exactly where the wave will be. Sucks to be us. Depends on the wave size really and synchronicity.

What are the chances that we will see the wave (if any) if it does not hit us? ANSWER 100%

If it can be shown using information from the past that this is a normal occurrence within our and other galaxies, then the probability actually goes up.

Did star cluster death rays zap Earth?

Well here is one more example.


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