Well, I did not really want to write this post.  I thought I basically had it covered, but some new information came out that is related to this thread of thought, so I thought I would just do an update.

First, I will not go back over anything posited during parts 1-6 unless necessary.  If you don’t know what I am talking about, then please read my previous posts.


Mysterious radio waves emitted from nearby galaxy


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(Does this look familiar?  it should.  This is Galaxy M82)


This sounds innocuous enough unless you are interested in mysterious stuff at the galactic level and I am.  This article was first posted April 14, 2010.  This was then updated December 13, 2010

“The object is still a puzzle, says co-discoverer Tom Muxlow. “It was still there the last time we looked, so its lifetime is now well over a year,” he says. “We are continuing to monitor this object.”

Curious, what is this thing?  I just happened across it today, so lets look.


“We don’t know what it is,” says co-discoverer Tom Muxlow of Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics near Macclesfield, UK.

Basically, this is ‘something’ emitting radio waves (unlike any ever seen in the universe mind you), from a nearby Galaxy called M82.   It emerged over a few days (virtually unheard of in astronomical terms) and it has not changed brightness or spectrum any time since its initial creation.  This too is unheard of.

Yet it does seem to be moving – and fast: its apparent sideways velocity is four times the speed of light. Such apparent “superluminal” motion has been seen before in high-speed jets of material squirted out by some black holes. The stuff in these jets is moving towards us at a slight angle and travelling at a fair fraction of the speed of light, and the effects of relativity produce a kind of optical illusion that makes the motion appear superluminal.

Hold the phone!  Did you get that?

  • “SUPERLUMNAL” motion has been seen before.  It has? Well, it is predicted in Super wave theory so here is your proof.
  • This ‘thing’ appears to be moving at four times the speed of light.  FOUR TIMES.
  • This so called ‘optical illusion’ of ‘superluminal’ speed is indeed relativistic, but that does not mean that it is not ‘moving’ that fast.  It just means that OPTCIALLY (we perceive using light speed restricted view point) that this must be an illusion. Or not; see my description for Gravity.

Sometimes these guys cannot put two and two together.

Could the object be a black hole? It is not quite in the middle of M82, where astronomers would expect to find the kind of supermassive central black hole that most other galaxies have.

Or perhaps it is something MOVING away from the black hole, emitting radio waves as it goes, traveling at relativistic speeds?  Nah could not be that!  The ominous bit of this is that it is not losing any energy as it propagates.   This could mean bad JuJu if you are in its way some light years away.

They think it may be a ‘Micro Quasar”.

Microquasars also produce plenty of X-rays, whereas no X-rays have been seen from the mystery object. “So that’s not right either”, Muxlow told New Scientist.

And this would match up again to a Super wave in that when traveling at relativistic speed, the X-rays, Gamma Rays, etc. would only be ejected FORWARD of the motion of the wave itself.


“We have just started processing data from an array of 20 radio telescopes across the Earth were taken for the central nuclear region of M82. These images will allow us to examine the structure of the new radio source in detail. However, processing such huge datasets takes significant amounts of computing effort and painstaking work. Only then will we be able to see if it is some rare form of micro-quasar. Watch this space…!” said Muxlow.

And for you “doubters”, this is straight from the research paper:

The steep radio spectral index from birth (and the possible detection of apparent superluminal motion) supports the hypothesis that the transient may be associated with an accretion disc around a massive collapsed object in the nuclear region of M82.

NOTE:  Not a jet but an accretion disk, not optical illusion but actually faster than light, and originating from the Galactic Center.  This is why you don’t get your news from Fox, they leave out the important bits.

I could not find any later updates for this material at this time.  But this is their paper published on this phenomenon if you like that sort of detail: http://arxiv.org/pdf/1003.0994v1.pdf

My best guess is that this is an example of a Super wave moving thru a Galaxy and we got to see it from the start.   This should be the proof that such things exist.


We may get to see another shortly, only more up close and personal.


IBEX: Glimpses of the Interstellar Material Beyond our Solar System

January 31, 2012


This link has a good video showing graphically some of the information described in part 1-6 of this series.  But on to the update!

The results? It’s an alien environment out there: the material in that galactic wind doesn’t look like the same stuff our solar system is made of.

Told you so in Part 6.  Basically they are saying that the atoms they are collecting are coming from the Galaxy itself.  This has NEVER been done before, although all of these atoms are accumulating on Earth as we speak!

The other interesting quotes:

“Measuring the pressure on our heliosphere from the material in the galaxy and from the magnetic fields out there,” says Christian, “will help determine the size and shape of our solar system as it travels through the galaxy.”

Yep, said that too.

“Our solar system is different than the space right outside it and that suggests two possibilities,” says David McComas the principal investigator for IBEX at the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas. “Either the solar system evolved in a separate, more oxygen-rich part of the galaxy than where we currently reside or a great deal of critical, life-giving oxygen lies trapped in interstellar dust grains or ices, unable to move freely throughout space.” Either way, this affects scientific models of how our solar system – and life – formed.

This changes the way we know life forms.  That might make the papers or even Fox news.  Or not.


Lets see where this goes!  Keep an eye out.