After their first announcement that they have discovered the cloud of dust heading to the center of the galaxy, we have our first update.

Now, they say the gas cloud is possibly a proto-solar system:  dust, rocks, etc. that form planets (that is more than one), comets and including a sun.  This means that it contains much more mass than originally estimated (at least 10 times as much) .  Again, they are just guessing  and as I said earlier, they just don’t know.  However, you will be seeing much more of this in the coming days.   Remember that they have only been looking at this for a WEEK.

Discovered December 14, 2011

Newfound Gas Cloud Points to Possible Planets Near the Milky Way’s Black Hole

Scientific American

“The cloud, whatever its origin, is on track to swing past Sagittarius A* in mid-2013. If it’s a simple gas cloud, it will get torn apart and partly consumed by the black hole, temporarily brightening the radiation from around Sagittarius A*. If the cloud instead comprises debris from a protoplanetary disk, the star itself should cruise past Sagittarius A* largely unscathed. But the cloud will grow denser as more and more mass from the disk is dragged away from the star. Either way, it ought to be quite a show.”

Updated paper December 20, 2011

For those so inclined:  Cornell University published the following PDF authored by Harvard/Smithsonian Institute for Astrophysics describing this new information in detail.  Don’t bother if you don’t like math.