If you know me, you know how much I like science.  I have been especially interested in the areas of Astronomy, Physics, and now lately Archaeology.  The link below you may have seen or not, but I would like to comment about it to you.  You won’t need to wear a tin foil hat or submit to any religious or quasi-religious crap either, just read.


Milky Way’s Monster Black Hole Gets Colossal Meal


Written by a SPACE.COM writer, it is kind of like watching FOX news.  They tell you some information, but don’t really explain anything or why it might be important.  Read the article (very short) and then I will add my 2 cents.

First some background:


Watch this video for some background on black holes.  Pay attention to how matter is emitted from them.


Sagittarius A.  This is the name of the black hole at the center of our Galaxy, the Milky Way.  It is 26000 light years from us. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sagittarius_A*   That means, that anything we observe about this object occurred 26000 years ago.  We are looking at it (and everything else) back in time.  What we see has already happened.  This article is therefore about the past but is put into current time perspective.  This is for a good reason but they don’t tell you that.


Ecliptic.  It is the intersection of any body (planet, sun, solar system) with the ecliptic plane, which is the geometric plane containing the mean orbit of the body around the center of the system (Earth, Sun, Galaxy).

The Solar system wobbles in a perfect Sine wave pattern above and below the galactic ecliptic plane as we circle the galaxy.  We cross the plane exactly every 26000 years (25,930 to be exact).  This is identified by the zodiac.  This is defined in Wikipedia as “The ecliptic serves as the center of a region called the zodiac, which constitutes a band of 9° on either side. Traditionally, this region is divided into 12 signs of 30° longitude each.” . http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ecliptic


All systems within the galaxy reside within the ecliptic.

All planets within solar system reside within the ecliptic of the Sun (more or less).  The exceptions are Pluto and the comets which are at about a 30 degree inclination indicating that they were either ‘pushed’ into such an orbit or are the result of some interloping bodies that have collided with our system at some point in time.

What this means is that the normal state of existence in our universe is that, gravitationally, everything exists at the ecliptic.

The other commonality is that most  energetic things appear to happen at the poles.  This is due mostly to magnetic fields.   Things that spin have a north/south pole magnetically.  This is true of virtually every planet; star and one would assume galaxies.  Pulsars, Magnetars, etc all emit whatever they emit mostly from their poles.  It is virtually never uniform in all directions except for super nova’s (explosions, etc.).

Galaxies are now all assumed to have a black hole at their center.

Galaxies are observed to have enormous emissions (I can send links showing spectacular examples).  These occur in two ways, usually simultaneously, as emissions from both poles and an expanding ring of dust, rays, gas, whatever, emanating outward throughout the ecliptic.

Think of the galaxy like the planet Saturn and that Saturn is the black hole (you can’t see it).  The rings are the solar systems/stars circling the black hole and represent the ecliptic.   One difference is that the rings are more or less uniform in Saturn, but not in the Galaxy.  This is only possible because the center of the galaxy ‘pulses’ energy outward from time to time and this results in the familiar arms you seen in galactic pictures.  The Solar system is one of the tiny rocks in the ring way out near the edge.  It goes up and down by 9 degrees as it circles the planet.  It goes thru one complete cycle every 26000 years.  It is exactly 26000 years distant  from the center.  A comet or something hits Saturn (26000 years ago) and a shock wave is emitted, at precisely 26000 years later, just as our rock is dead center of the ecliptic (neither above nor below) the shock wave reaches earth (as long as that shock wave is emitted outwardly along the ecliptic). 

Ok, now back to the article!

“a dusty gas cloud three times the mass of Earth zip at up to more than 5.2 million mph (8.4 million kph) in a straight line toward Sagittarius A*, putting out five times as much light as the sun as it speeds along.

What they don’t say is that this cloud is the size of our solar system, and they have no way of measuring its mass.

Interesting!  This is because of E=MC2.  Einstein’s equation for relativity.  As the speed increases (it will right up to light speed), mass increases(M),  it will become brighter, and/or more energetic (E).   Squared BY THE SPEED OF LIGHT!(C2)  (671 million mph).  At CERN using the Large Hadron Collider, protons are accelerated to near light speed and while doing so, they become very, very heavy (mass = energy * c2).  As energy (E) is used to accelerate to (C) the result SQUARED is the resulting mass.  When two of these things collide, the energy is released and particles are sprayed everywhere.   As this gas accelerates it will both gain in mass and some of the acceleration will be released as particles/light as a result of collisions within the cloud.  This will happen PRIOR to this gas actually hitting the black hole and will get greater as the cloud is compressed.

“The event will become much more dramatic in the near future”

As this cloud approaches the event horizon, it will be exponential not just dramatic, just a bit of understatement.  Contrary to popular belief, things do escape black holes right up to the event horizon and then poof! gone.

“The cloud should reach the black hole in 2012 or 2013.”

Well how about right in the middle, say December 2012?

“  They predict that as the cloud continues to fall into the black hole, its X-ray emissions should become substantially brighter, and it should spit out a giant radiation flare in a few years”

Honestly, they don’t know.   But what they leave out is that it has already occurred.  It occurred 26000 years ago.  The light of this event is only just now reaching us.  The resulting ‘emissions’ have also already occurred.  We can’t observe them until they arrive which will be immediately AFTER this gas hits the event horizon our time (visually)!   It would be justified to say that the majority of emissions will be at or near the speed of light and will be along the galactic plane (ecliptic) and both poles of Sagittarius A.

It just so happens, that the Earth passes thru the galactic plane at this exact time.  Talk about being in the right place at the wrong time.   We must scientifically expect ‘something’ to occur.

It will leave a spectacular wake as it ripples thru the galaxy!  All the stars and systems already effected (those closer to the center) will become visible as their light reaches us.  Like watching a movie of the past!  It will actually hit us first physically, and then we will observe the aftermath in a 26000 year long movie as the light from each system affected finally reaches us.  We will be able to watch it in real-time as it moves away from us going towards the outer limits of the galaxy.  What effect it will have is unknown, that’s what is interesting!   What  I mean by this is that the entire event will look instantaneous to us. All effects, to every star or system, will look like it all happens in an instant as all the light from all these stars will all arrive at exactly the same time.   Those 26000 light years away took 26000 years to get here.  Those 4 light years away took 4.  It took 25,996 years for the light of the first to reach the star 4 light years away and the entire group of light gets to us at the exact same time.  Could be cool.

As a post script.  Nothing about this event could already be affecting us, since that would require something traveling faster than the speed of light and that can’t happen right?  Well CERN says differently nowadays.   Neutrinos can and do travel faster than the speed of light.  If Neutrinos are being created by this event (and they are), then some of these are already here!  Neutrinos are the result of   nuclear fusion that occurs in the center of stars and occurs due to intense gravitational compression.  A black hole will do the same to this gas.  We are already observing increased Neutrino activity, including a new Neutrino source found .3 light years from Earth.  But that is how they say, another story.